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Have you ever wondered why our name is Auto Spa Etc?  

It was originally named “Etc” because not only do we clean your car the way you like; we have other similar things for your car.  With a full-service oil change and gasoline with a convenience store at the original location, Ellisville.  With the addition of the other four washes “Etc” meant we probably have that special scent you like, a new set of mats, an ice scraper or sunshade and even just a quart of oil. Even a dog wash at our Florissant location.

We have noticed over the past 15 years that “Etc” means so much more than all about your car.  We have noticed that “Etc” now means it is all about you and your family too.  We have massage chairs, a comfortable waiting room and things for the kids to do. You can watch the game with other fans.  Talk to Athletes or your local banker even find a new insurance agent.  Have a snack and cold soda when it’s hot outside or a cup of something hot and a fresh donut when it’s cold.  You can sit in the sun outside or stay inside and relax.  People make dinner plans with old friends or catch up with their new neighbors. Bring the whole team in for frozen drinks. Even the dog get treats for visiting!  

What does the “Etc” mean to you?     

Clearly Better, It Shows In The Shine