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True or False? Regular detailing affects car value

It’s all in the details.

You know you should get your car detailed. “Detail car” has been on your to-do list for at least six months, but you just never find the time.

When you do scrounge a moment to yourself, Netflix seems way more enticing than a vehicle responsibility. But that’s ok. A little dirt won’t hurt, right?

We’re sad to say you’re wrong. The dirt does hurt. And here’s why.


Debris: As you drive down a road, a thin layer of dust and dirt covers your car. That layer carries tiny materials that can damage paint as well as metal and plastic components. A thorough detailing rids your vehicle of debris. But, if you simply try to wipe it off, you’ll just scratch the particles against your exterior.

The Elements: While sunshine is good for plants and animals, it’s terrible for your car. UV rays will fade your paint and highlight imperfections. Other elements found outside, such as chemicals, will also cause damage, wearing away your finish and forming rust. Frequent detailing shields your car from the elements, especially if the process involves new sealant applications.

Over time, this damage will decrease your car’s value. The paint will lose its luster and rust spots will form. Your vehicle will slowly grow dingy, and when you sell it, you’ll perhaps settle for a lower price than you might hope.


Our Blue Coral Hand Wax Paint Protection service solves exterior issues with deep cleaning and conditioning. It also removes oxidation, boosts shine and prevents damage. Our other detailing services ensure your car’s carpets, upholstery, interior, and engine remain in top shape.

Finally, before you sell your vehicle, be sure to get it thoroughly detailed, as well. People want to purchase well-maintained cars, and a well-maintained car looks spotless.

Come see us at Auto Spa. We want to keep to keep your vehicle sparkling clean.