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7 Tips For Keeping Your Car Clean Between Washes

You go to your local car wash to get that wash you’ve been putting off for months and then that oh-so-familiar feeling hits. You don’t want to touch it, you don’t want to drive it, you just want to put it in a glass box and showcase it for all the world to see. While this scenario may be a little exaggerated, there are several ways to maintain your car’s sleek new shine and maintain that sense of cleanliness. We have compiled 7 tips so that you’ll be able to hold on to that feeling as long as possible.

Always Keep a Trash Can Nearby

It’s very rare that we enter our vehicles empty handed, and over time these things can build up. One intuitive way to combat this inevitable trash pile-up is to always keep a trash can near you either in the passenger seat next to you or in the back behind the middle console. This doesn’t have to be some fancy trash can from the designer home isle of your local Wal-Mart, it can be a trash bag of some kind – or even an old cereal container!

Smart Parking Spots

It has happened to us all. We walk out the door to go to work only to find our ride covered in white spots, stained yellow from pollen, or covered in some other shade created by dust or debris of some kind. It’s always a good idea to be smart with your parking. This way you can truly make your car wash results last as long as possible. Avoid parking in the vicinity of any trees, or power lines; you’re much more likely to attract birds and pollen in those areas. Try utilizing an open area, or if at all possible a covered one such as a garage.

Kids & Pet Clean Zone

We all love our dogs, cats, and kiddos but sometimes they all have a tendency to wreak havoc on shiny things leaving behind spills and endless trails of hair. Set limits for your children and pets by declaring your vehicle a ‘no play zone’. If you do your best to remember to place a blanket over the seat while traveling with your fur babies, you will be able to breathe a lot easier knowing your most recent car wash is going to be one that lasts.

Always Stomp Your Shoes

This may sound silly and remind you of temper tantrums you threw when you were a baby, but hey, the end result is going to prevent you from throwing temper tantrums as an adult. Make a habit of stomping your shoes each and every time you enter and exit your vehicle to rid them of any dirt particles or trash that might have inadvertently been traveling with them. This will prevent dirt clods and messes of the sort from gathering around your floor mats, ultimately making your car or truck a dirty one.

Shake Out Your Matts

When your floor mats begin to get grimy and fill up with all the nastiness nature provides us with, your best bet is to take them out and give them a nice hard shake. This will loosen the built up dirt while sustaining the cleanliness of your car’s interior. When in doubt, shake it out!

When You Leave, Take Something With You

Now that you have a trash depository system in your car, you may think you’re on top of the world, but this next tip will give your trash can a break from all its hard work. Anytime you exit the vehicle, take a look around you and see if there’s anything you can take with you. If you have an extremely messy ride, then you’ll have plenty to pick from. If you take just one item out every time you leave the car, you’ll have a spacious and welcoming interior in no time!

Schedule Your Washes

Routines make everything in life a little easier and more manageable. Try to make your vehicle a priority, and pencil in specific car wash times and dates into your schedule. You can do weekly or monthly, all that matters is that you get it done! You can even plan when you want to vacuum your car’s interior in advance. This way your car will be in much better shape overall inside and out.

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