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It’s not unheard of that road salt is damaging to your vehicle. However, most people don’t realize just how bad it is. Salt not only causes rust but can affect the mechanics of your vehicle if left untreated. Overall, salt dramatically decreases the value of your vehicle and can compromise your vehicle’s integrity.

Here are some tips to prevent salt damage.

1. Wash after every snow storm.vehicle

As a general rule of thumb, it’s healthy to wash your vehicle every 10 days. However, during snow season, when the roads are being heavily salted, it’s good to wash your vehicle immediately after every snow storm. This will wash away any trail of road salt and prevent build up over the winter months.

2. Avoid driving through large puddles

Road salt tends to collect in the large puddles on the road. Driving through a large puddle can coat your entire undercarriage in the salty water creating a greater risk of salt damage.

3. Wax your vehicle

Before winter strikes, give your car a wax treatment to prevent salt from damaging your vehicle. The wax gives your vehicle a strong protective coating to withstand the effects of salt. Waxing your vehicle every three months will provide optimal protection.

4. Repair scrapes, scratches, and chips

Any uncovered portion of your vehicle is at a higher risk for corrosion and rust. Try to repair your vehicle’s paint as soon as you notice the scrape, scratch or chip.

5. Avoid driving behind salt trucks

If at all possible, avoid driving behind salt trucks. Your vehicle will collect the excess salt from the truck and the road. If you notice a salt truck passing by, wait a few minutes before proceeding to your route.

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