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Short answer, NO! Rain is not a wash.

It is simply not strong enough to dislodge all of the dirt and grime collected on the surface of your car. The damaging elements may vary but the traces of rain can leave water marks or more serious material deposits on your car. The good news is that watermarks generally do not damage your car’s paint. After several rainy days, watermarks can become hard to remove. In the Spring and Summer especially you should have your vehicle properly cleaned regularly to ensure that there is not corrosion to the paint job.

True, sometimes rain can remove large debris such as leaves, bird droppings, and dead bugs. And while this light wash may help your car LOOK cleaner, it is not best to allow nature to take its course, if you would like to preserve the quality of your car’s paint for a long time. In general paint today is more resistant to environmental factors, but when you allow these layers of pollutants, including rainwater, to build up, the more damage they can cause.


Some of the factors that negate rain’s ability to clean your car include the acidic nature of most rain today. The deposited environmental material in rainwater such a sulfuric acid is a high concern in some areas and because of some weather patterns. For the most part, driving around town on a rainy day will have very little impact, but there are things you can you do to combat the rain’s toll.


As with all aspects of car maintenance, it is best to take an extra cautious approach. Preventative measures such as scheduling a regular wax for your vehicle can make it easier to avoid the harmful elements of acidic rain. Peace of mind, just like a great shine can only be obtained from the proper care!


A proper wash can be a pain indeed. Often after a long day of work, the last thing on your mind is car maintenance. So, how often, and when should you wash to combat the effects of rain? If you are in an area where there is frequent rainfall, it is advised to give your vehicle a good wash, dry, and wax. The wax creates an impenetrable coating to prevent future corrosion from rainfall. Consider our monthly Spa Club that allows you to visit us as often as you want each month, and relax while we take care of your car.


For some people, washing their vehicle before the rain actually improved the resistance to water mark buildup. For washing after the rainfall seemed the most logical solution. Depending on the frequency of rain, and the condition of your car, it likely does matter much. As long as you are consistent with removing the buildup of external contaminants your ride’s paint will retain it’s polished for years to come.

Come see us at Auto Spa. We want to keep to keep your vehicle sparkling clean.