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Love isn’t the only thing floating in the air this spring! When the trees start to wake up for spring you can be sure that your allergies will suffer. Your car too has to face the abrasive wear of pollen in the air. It can be a tricky thing to keep your vehicle clean if you don’t keep it in a garage. And if you are an avid car person, you could spend hours every day just trying to maintain a nice shiny clean.

 But the truth is, pollen itself is not particularly harmful. Aesthetically, it can leave a greenish yellow tint that will remain until wind, rain, or you remove it. As with any environmental fallout such as bird droppings or dead insects, leaving it on your automobile’s finish unattended for too long can have a negative effect.

The simple solution is to wash your vehicle. A simple wipe down is not enough to remove the pollen spores that are clinging tightly to your vehicle’s paint job. If you decided it’s time to wash dandelion on wheels, once white Toyota Corolla, or the previously shiny Chevy suburban, now an atomic green submarine due to pollen,  It is best to spring for the works when it comes to your car wash.  


Our full service wash will remove all traces of pollen from the exterior of your vehicle. Between the combination of our touchless wash and our team inspecting every inch of your vehicle,  your vehicle will be spore free. Frequency is key during pollen season, and while you might not be able to wash your car every day, you can schedule a 1- 2 weekly routine, to ensure that you’re ride is glossy, and scratch free!


After drying it, store it somewhere away from the trees and outdoor winds to preserve the paint. Waxing after drying is also an effective way to combat the corrosion of pollen buildup. A good rule to go by is the quarterly waxing routine, after the wear of corrosive salt and weather from the winter season, a routine wax can help prevent pollen buildup in the spring. If you can, store your vehicle in a garage or somewhere away from the wind and weather! This will limit the pollen buildup up during the time between washes.
Just be sure that if you’re are going to wipe your vehicle between washes that you use a light microfiber cloth or something less abrasive to prevent etching and swirling on the paint. Many cleaning wipes available on the market can be corrosive and will do more damage than good.  

Come see us at Auto Spa. We want to keep to keep your vehicle sparkling clean.