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When warm weather hits, the war with bugs begins.

The fight, of course, centers on our cars. We cart our families and friends from state to state, enjoying breaks from school and gorgeous summer weather. We make memories at beaches and national monuments, but our fun takes tolls on the machines that get us from Palm Beach to Mount Rushmore.

As potato chip dust covers the floor mats, bugs splat against the hoods and windshields. Vacuums can take care of the chips, but the bugs are a different story. Bugs can cause serious damage.

The Problem with Bugs

Bugs don’t just ruin a car’s general aesthetic; they can actually damage it. Insect bodies are acidic, and when flattened against your vehicle, they can dissolve the paint. Once that happens, your car becomes vulnerable to rust spots.

But, if you’re diligent and remove the bugs as quickly as possible, you’ll help preserve the metalwork and resale value.


Get your car waxed at least twice a year to maintain a protective layer between your vehicle and those pesky bugs. Our Blue Coral Hand Wax Paint Protection service will deep clean your car, remove oxidation, and give it a beautiful shine.


You shouldn’t simply pick up a dry rag and try to remove bugs. If you scrape them off your car, you can damage the paint even further. Instead, you can spray WD-40 or bug remover on the area and let it soak before wiping it off. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the surface. Then, keep it in your car, along with your cleaner of choice, so you can remove bugs after each trip.

Our touch-free washes also effectively remove insects without damaging your vehicle’s paint. Our staff knows the best ways to preserve its exterior while also giving it the best cleaning possible. Your family car is safe in our hands.

Remember, consistency is the key! Clean your car of bugs regularly or take it to us for a frequent wash. You’ll spare yourself the expense and headache of retouching paint so you can focus more on those summer road trips.

Come see us at Auto Spa. We want to keep to keep your vehicle sparkling clean.